You are probably well aware that you’re supposed to brush your teeth and floss every day. That’s basic dental care 101. But did you know there are other simple things you can do that will help you avoid causing decay to your teeth? We want you and your teeth to stay healthy, so here are three simple ways you can avoid tooth decay.

1. Change the way you drink coffee.

We all love our lattes and coffees with their creams and sugars, but they are becoming common culprits in tooth decay. The good news is that you don’t have to give them up. To keep the harmful sugars from staying in your saliva, you can keep a glass of water with you as you’re drinking coffee and just alternate sipping between coffee and water. That little change will go a long way in preventing decay.

2. Don’t swish soda.

It’s best to not drink sugary soda (or pop, coke, or whatever you might call it) at all, but you’re putting your teeth at even higher risk if you swish that soda around in your mouth. If you’ve started this bad habit, stop today!!!

3. Avoid eating sour candy.

This might shock you, but it’s recently been determined that sour candy is almost as bad for your teeth as battery acid. That might be hard to believe for something that tastes so good, but it’s true. So if you or your kids are battling cavities one thing that might help is setting the sour candies aside.

Have any other tips on preventing tooth decay? We’d love to hear them! Share in the comments!!!

[Original story and image via lifehacker]

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