Nightguards are used to treat people who grind or clench their teeth at night. People with nighttime grinding habits may wear away their tooth enamel ten times faster than people without harmful grinding habits. Eventually, your teeth may be worn down and destroyed. Treating bruxism and clenching is very cost effective compared to not treating the problem. The alternative is to replace or repair the patient’s damaged or destroyed teeth with fixed crowns, fixed bridges, or removable dentures. If your adult teeth sometimes feel loose, this may be a result of clenching your teeth at night while you sleep. A nightguard will help protect your teeth from this trauma, resulting in less headaches and muscle strain on your jaw.


Dental nightguard to protect your teeth while sleeping

When you come in for your visit at Dr. Rossen’s dental office, we will take an all digital impression of your teeth to obtain the model. We no longer use the gooey traditional impression material that sometimes causes gagging or second and thirds tries. With our iTero digital scanner, we get the impression right the first time with the perfect fit.
Clear Upper Night Guard in The Colony, TX

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