What used to span a period of a few weeks now takes less than a few hours.



Whether you just need one new crown in the posterior of your mouth or you want to completely transform your smile with six new anterior crowns, with CEREC same day crowns we are able to provide patients with a brand new beautiful smile in about the same time it takes to watch your favorite movie.




Old silver fillings can be replaced with perfect fitting porcelain crowns.







Rossen Dental is the first dental office in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area to begin using the CEREC Omnicam from Sirona for powder-free scanning and precise 3D impressions.





Crowns are perfect for front anterior teeth. If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, Dr. Rossen will make you looking like new again in only one visit.



2 Thoughts on “CEREC Crowns Before and After Photos”

  • Does the cerec crown placed on this anterior tooth that is broken require the removal of more tooth to be fitted on? We are looking for a restoration for a broken baby tooth that is non-invasive for a younger child. It is very hard to get good answers out of the dentists here, and I found this page while looking at images and doing research.

    • Hi Jenny. That’s a very difficult question to answer remotely. Generally speaking, though, most crowns do require at least a minimal amount of tooth prep before the crown is placed. Your best bet is to schedule an appointment with a CEREC doctor that is close to where you live and get a physical examination from a dentist. Here’s the link to find a CEREC doctor.

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